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Doing our bit for the environment

Lowering environmental impact

We consider our impact on the environment in everything we do. We have developed policies that minimise attrition, extend service life and reduce energy use.

Accredited to environmental standard ISO 14001, we are proud to have a structured process for lowering our environmental impact, including the best use of resources and the reduction of pollution and waste. We pursue a programme of continuous improvement and are committed to ensuring a more sustainable future.

We use our in-depth knowledge and experience to offer truly impartial advice to recommend the best industrial tyres for each application. As multi-brand specialists, all the tyres we recommend reduce tyre wear, damage and failures.

We take pride in providing a lifetime of care to keep every plant and port tyre healthy and working. Our class-leading maintenance includes correction of pressures, monitoring of tread wear, inspecting for visible signs of damage and wheel rotation. Should your tyre be punctured or damaged in any way, we will only repair it in accordance with BS AU159 to provide a safe and long-lasting repair. All designed to minimise tyre attrition and consequently deliver the longest possible service life.

Tyres operating below the pressure recommended for the axle load produce more friction and rolling resistance. This not only increases fuel burn but has a negative effect on tyre durability, considerably increasing wear and potentially leading to premature failure.

Our drive to extend service life is illustrated by our commitment to retread industrial tyres. At the end of their first life, your radial tyres can have the casing retreaded. This process uses less oil and rubber than a new radial tyre, with a significantly smaller carbon footprint – and there are no compromises on performance or safety.

All our policies are designed to ensure your tyres last for the longest possible time. However, when they do finally wear out we minimise the effect on the environment. Working with carefully selected tyre recycling partners over 95% of every tyre is recycled. Ranging from the manufacture of tyre-derived fuels, to products such as man-made sport surfaces, playground flooring, road construction and sealants.

We’re always committed to minimising the rate of tyre wear, extending service life and reducing your energy usage.

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t: 01634 230700

your plant tyre professionals

t: 01634 230700

your plant tyre professionals

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