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Proactive tyre maintenance

Your off highway tyres can be the fourth largest running cost of your plant.

With 80% of a tyre’s manufacturing cost related to the casing, just 20% relates to the tread. That’s why we actively encourage our proactive tyre maintenance to maximise the service life of each tyre.

Our technicians come to your premises during scheduled downtime, to correct tyre pressure, monitor tyre wear and inspect for visible signs of damage. Naturally, we perform tyre rotation to ensure even tread wear, and attend to any damage with our plant tyre repairs before the issue escalates. All designed to prevent avoidable and unnecessary downtime – whilst minimising tyre attrition to deliver the longest possible service life.

You can also rely on us to maintain your off highway tyres on a pay as you go basis. The only difference is you’ll need to ask us to perform the service; rather than it already being scheduled.

These plant tyre services also enable us to accurately predict replacement cycles. We’re always committed to extending the service life of your off highway tyres; reducing your operating costs and critically maximising your productivity.

The importance of tyre pressures

Tyre pressure has an extremely strong influence on service life, vehicle handling and fuel burn.

Tyre Inflation Service Life Fuel Efficiency
60% 40% 35%
80% 80% 75%
100% 100% 100%
120% 85% 75%

Tyres operating below the pressure recommended for the axle load will affect the handling of the plant and reduce stability. Additionally, the tyres create more friction which increases heat build-up and fuel burn. This increases tyre wear and can cause internal damage potentially leading to premature failure. Dual tyres mounted side by side on an axle when under-inflated, can rub together and chafe causing side wall damage that is hard to see until failure is imminent.

Over-inflation shortens service life as the tyre is more susceptible to impact damage and, in extreme cases, may result in a burst tyre or even rim deformation.

This makes air the critical component in working towards zero accidents, minimising the rate of tyre wear, and reducing your energy usage.

For the best lifetime care for your plant tyres, talk to us today: 01634 230700

Proactive Plant Tyre Monitoring

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t: 01634 230700

your plant tyre professionals

t: 01634 230700

your plant tyre professionals

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